Nature in me.

Trusting is never easy. 
When I was the age where I had no idea what trust meant, the time when I blindly trusted everyone and everything; People call it the innocence of childhood; That's when I met nature, who introduced me to many new and different friends. Birds, trees, squirrels.. 
My Grandpa had introduced us, me and nature.
On an occasional visit to my grandparents place, I had to stay the night there. I was awakened early morning by grandpa, who believed in waking up with the birds. We went for a walk to buy milk and get the newspaper. 
There was a cold chill to the air and the sun was still laying low. We could hear the birds singing and I was fascinated by all the different kinds of birds that flew above me, and by the ones that were hanging upside down from the trees. Grandpa later took me to the backyard to pluck curry leaves for grandma. There I saw more trees, way taller than me. There were coconut, jack-fruit, mango, and my personal favourite, njaval.   
Since I was visiting the backyard for the first time, grandpa jokingly said aloud to the trees and squirrels that his granddaughter is here, and to give her a welcome. And I felt like a princess being introduced to a small, yet grand kingdom. I even saw the trees waving at me, felt the winds hugging me and the birds singing for me.

Months and years later, I would always stop by the backyard whenever I went to grandparents place. The place that bonded me towards everything that includes in the word nature, forever.

I used to wonder whether the trees and animals had a connection I couldn't see, or whether they talked in a language I couldn't understand. Because, in all the places I have visited, the trees would always wave at me, the winds kept on hugging me, and the animals and birds kept talking and singing to me.

I grew up and learnt that trusting anyone comes up with risks and consequences, but so far Nature has been the one friend who has never betrayed my trust.  

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VBA!! My second award :)

Thanks so much Bhumi!!! ( Hey Wait, Listen!) :) :)
Again. :)

I was nominated for the ''Versatile Blogger Award'' (VBA) by Hey Wait, Listen!.

 Seven things about me:

  • I'm a foodie :P  
  • I love driving. Both car and two wheelers!
  • 'Bookworm' is a nickname that sticks with me wherever I go.
  • I listen to all kinds of songs. :) 
  • My interest in albums by different bands and artistes varies every month. My current favourite is 'Poets of the fall'! 
  • I enjoy long drives and eat outs.
  • I Watch Friends and The Big Bang Theory seasons during exam time. 

MY FIRST!! - LIEBSTER blog award.

Its my very first award!
Its been so long since you had nominated me, Bhumi (Hey Wait, Listen!) Sorry for the looong delay in accepting! Thank You.. :)

Liebster! Its Such a confusing word.. And so easy to mess up the spelling too! :D

Of course, Google has all the answers and I found these from fellow bloggers..

The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. 
The meaning of the word is simple, really: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. 

So, in short its like a welcoming present from 'senior' bloggers. :P

There are some rules to be followed though.. 

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My answers to Bhumi's (Hey Wait, Listen!) questions: :D

1. If you were to write the story of your life, what might be the title?

          Livin' La Vida Loca! :D (Translated to 'Living the crazy life'!)

2. If you could have lunch with any famous person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

          Hmm.. Neil Armstong! I just wanna ask him about his famous trip to moon. :P

3. If you could be any animal for a day, what would you be and why? 

          A lion!! Cuz I can roam around like a king ;)

4. Item on your “bucket list” that you would be MOST upset if you didn't accomplish.

          Fly a plane :)

5. What’s something you regret, and how would you change it if you could?

          I regret giving up on sports.. Mostly cuz after being back from classes, its tiring and all I wanna do is sleep. I would love to take out the basket ball or the badminton racket and just play.

6. Name any 3 blogs you like and read everyday and why?

          I don't know how, but time skips and hops away when I open up my laptop. So there's not much time to search out new and interesting blogs, though am sure there are lots out there.. But some blogs I've book marked and checks on for new posts everytime I login. They are: Hey wait, Listen! ,  Adiyaalan , The Walking Scribbler. 

 7. Name one thing you would like to do before leaving this earth.

          One thing?? :D Hm I'd choose Travelling!

8. If you could only wear one colour for the rest of your life what would it be? Why?

          I'd like to wear blue! \m/  But Sadly, I'v found out Yellow suits me more :P 

9. What's the last dream you had that you remember?

          I'm on an island with huge rocky mountains. All my friends n cousins are there and they'r preparing a feast for me! :P That's as far as I remember..

10. Morning or night person?

          Am both!! Sometimes I hate waking up early, but the next day I'd love waking up with the sun! 
And some nights all I wanna do is sleep, and the next night I'l be up all night.

Thanks again Bhumi :) Had a lot of fun reading your questions and answering them!! :) :) 

Wow to Whoa! nd back :)

Disclaimer: The content in this post is just an account from experience and any reference to objects, places, living/dead were not intended to hurt any regional or religious sentiments. If it did, kindly inform me.


That time of the year! :)) When some of us ''have'' to stay away from books, well,  from anything related to learning. :D Am talking about Vijayadashami! (What it means for Keralites ).
I've always loved this day. Only time of the year when parents, relatives, teachers, No one has a say on how you are supposed to spend your time. No one bugging you, no one running behind you shouting 'Go study! Perfect day to laze about. Oh, technically, we are not supposed to chat or use the net, or even read the papers on this day i.e. typing and reading, which ain't allowed for students, cuz they've offered their books and pens to the goddess. But well, we skip that part of the tradition. ;)
For me, this day always brought something special. The time to try out new stuff. 

Two years back was the first time I tried out travelling. It was a casual trip to Masinagudi, near Ooty. With cousins. 

A calm and unusually quite place, where if you are lucky enough you get to meet the wild elephants and horses, even a tiger. Or if you wake up early, you get to meet deer and peacocks. Going there alone might make the drive enjoyable and stay boring. Take a houseful of cousins or friends with you, like i did, and you'd have a memorable vacation. :)

And so.. back to the present. This year's Vijayadashami, It was a long trip to Delhi, made shorter by Air India. :P

It all started with a long wait at the Cochin International airport, and then three hours later, am in Delhi! :) (at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi).

My first time flying in a plane, and I was lucky enough to get the window seat. All I could see was blackness above, lights and clouds below. Yeah, unfortunately, it was a night flight. But I enjoyed every bit, well everything except the searing ear pain you get just before landing. I wasn't sure whether it was my imagination or was I really seeing stars, moon and clouds.. It was really beautiful. The lights of towns and cities below looked the same everywhere, but it had its own beauty.
Even dinner aboard was tasty. They served tea and coffee soon after dinner. But somewhere in between, even after that hot cup of tea, I fell asleep. After waking up I couldn't let go of the fact 'I was just flying in my sleep', and no, not in a dream. For real! :D

Am gonna skip those parts where we arrived, checked out of the airport, and a little while later, checked into our hotel.

First day in Delhi was spent visiting some of those buildings that Delhi is really famous for. The Parliament, The North Block, The South Block, India Gate, Humayun's tomb, Qutub Minar. The rest of the places we planned to visit on the third day of tour.
After lunch, it was time to set on almost a 4-5 hour journey to Agra via the Yamuna Expressway. This is one of the best maintained roads that I've had a chance to ride along, in India. There are toll booths, in plenty, rest rooms and small, yet comfortable coffee joints, chat and tea stalls along the road. Traffic is very minimum in these roads. I think its because it was a Sunday, or it might be because of the heavy toll amounts we have to pay for travelling via this route.  

These are some pics I took with my phone (Nokia 500), while driving through Yamuna Expressway. I took them while we were on the move, and somehow managed to get these clicks! The sunset was too good, I hope you could make that out from the pics. :)

We reached a little too late at Agra. Long after the closing hours of visiting Taj Mahal in the evening. So, we had to wait till dawn. And wow, the wait was worth it. We could see sunlight playing with the marbles, both inside and outside Taj.

Early morning, around 6, we started the short drive to Taj Mahal.

This pic is my first click of Taj Mahal. Any one reading this post might be having different thoughts. Mostly about why I didn't crop off the crowd, well mostly heads, at the bottom. But mine at the instant I saw this click in my camera galley, was that this is all Taj Mahal's about, admiring the view and clicking memories. If you look at it once again, you'l know what I meant.

This one is a side view, taken from the side where sunlight first hits Taj Mahal. You can literally see half of Taj shining and welcoming the first rays of sun.

This one's just to show a no. of holes at one side of Taj. The pic below is taken through one of these holes. Any hole you pick to take a click like this, its said that you'l get the same picture!

After breakfast, we headed straight to Agra Fort.

Now over to the part that I was longing to write about. All the things above was just an introduction! =)

All I had mentioned before was about different photos, where and why I took them..
Now comes my 'thoughts' !

Back to Taj...

You know the feel that you get, with goosebumps, cold wind n all, while you're at a cemetery.. I got that eerie feel, when I stepped in through the Gates and saw Taj Mahal in front, in all its glory. Yes, its kind of a cemetery, a beautiful one at that, made out of love, from a husband to his wife. I couldn't really understand all the fuss about this last fact, that Shah Jahan had it built for Mumtaz Mahal.

Back to Agra Fort...

I entered this fort, with admiration. For the planning taken to build a city within walls, its architectural excellence, the carvings and paintings inside in rich colours of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue.. But as they say, don't judge a book by its cover. 
As I went further inside the fort, it was a pity to look at the walls of a certain room. This room was supposed to have precious stone-studded paintings. 

This photo should have been tough to click, if the walls still had paintings made from precious gems n stones, which would've reflected the flash from my camera. But thanks to the looters, that isn't a problem now. They did go through so much trouble to carve out every single stone from this room. Now all these walls have left is shadows of stones that once adorned these walls. The scratches still remain on the marbles, a grim reminder of wealthier times.

Mumtaz Mahal-Shah Jahan story never made any effect on me. I didn't feel any ''wow, am at Taj, hotspot of tribute to lovers'' effect. Of course I admire the craftsmanship, dedication and hard work Taj Mahal shows off. Yeah, I meant the love of Shah towards Mumtaz, that drove him to make Taj. I couldn't accept that somehow. To build an architecturally magnificent building, taking years, just to fulfil a promise to his wife. I had no answer for my confusing thoughts on love and buildings, and finally, I came up with the theory that Shah Jahan loved marbles. It was everywhere. At Taj Mahal, In his room, his seat at the Durbar, all of it were made of marble.

As I was walking around, looking at marbles carved on, painted on etc, I came across an open room full of  marble paintings. It didn't actually look like a room. It was like an open space in between two balconies. The tour guide told us that this was Shah Jahan's room.
This place, where Shah Jahan was supposedly jailed by his son, was the only part of the fort that was reaching out and had a comparatively good view of Taj.
The room looked charming and inviting, even though it was considered as a jail.. But, we weren't allowed inside. So, There was a huge crowd here, each one of them with a camera trying to take a click of Taj through the open balcony. The tourist in front of me succeeded! His camera had an awesome zoom and I could see Taj Mahal clearly. As for me, I didn't take any clicks of Taj from here.. I was far busy clicking the paintings on the wall, they were very simple, yet beautiful. The colours had no sign of ever fading away.

The rectangular spaces from where light is entering, that's the balcony. And if you get a good position and look closely, Taj Mahal is visible through this.

This whole trip, I tried to click everything that caught my eye. Photos make good memories, and sometimes, if you manage to capture that perfect click, it'l stay with you forever. Some great Photographers take their time until they get that perfect click. The one that conveys the message crystal clear,.. you get the idea.. :)

So, I went around the fort, trying to get a good click of Taj, not that I had a camera load of them taken from in and around Taj.. But The whole idea was to capture the distance between Taj and the place where Shah Jahan was jailed (Agra fort), and made to have only a glimpse of his famous Taj, where as we all know lies his love, Mumtaz Mahal.

Finally, from the farthest corner of the Durbar, adjoining the women's mosque (Medina), I got my click :) From here, I could see the projecting balcony of Shah's jail and a clear view of Taj, The Yamuna and greenery connecting both monuments. 
Now, am not an excellent photographer n all.. But seeing this one makes me think am one! :P Well, I can think anything I want cant I?! :)

From this point of view, the Taj at left, and Shah Jahan's room/balcony at right, that's when it all dawned on me. My whole confusion as to why would someone built something like the Taj, solely out of love. Now my way of thinking was, you're in love, then you build something beautiful for the other while they're still alive, and both get to enjoy its beauty. But why built something, that's way costly, taking years to built, that too after his love's death.
After taking the above picture, and seeing how the Taj and Shah's room are so far apart. You can imagine them reaching out towards each other, yet never reachable.
That's when it dawned on me.
 There was love, and more strongly, pain.

Pain defines our loss. It confirms that what's lost is lost, and will never come back. We can categorise pain into, many, but the pain of love, now that lasts a lifetime!
Our tour guide was saying that after building Taj, Shah jahan had another plan, to make a black Taj Mahal quite near to the original Taj, for himself. That would have been the perfect plan in Shah Jahan's mind, the Yang to the Yin, all in one place. But, before he could kick off his new plans, he was jailed by his son. We might think that's cruel, but there's another explanation, told to us by guides; that Shah Jahan had used up tax money paid by his subjects to make Taj, and his son was actually preventing him from spending any more tax money by jailing him. Now, after seeing Shah Jahan's marble jail, I couldn't feel bad for him at all!

All Shah Jahan was allowed to have in his jail/room was a far away glimpse of Taj, which was and is holding his love, and well, tonnes of marbles, going by my first theory!
He would've really wished for a chance to visit Taj, If not for his lost love, for the treat to the eye that his Taj provided. Morning to night, shining as and when the sun and moon rays danced upon it.
After coming back home, every one I talked to, who had visited Taj before, told me the best time to visit is during night, when its a full moon.
That would be cool! But day time is not that bad either. If you reach early enough, its beautiful to watch the sun playing with its rays on the marbles. Besides, its the best time to capture pictures of Taj, its gardens, the blooming trees around Taj, the Yamuna, and a far away Agra Fort.


Our next stop was Vrindavan-Mathura.
I don't have any opinion about these two places, other than the fact that they weren't what I had imagined them to be.
Only thing that struck me at Vrindavan was that -
I saw a child begging for money.. He was even running behind a family until they noticed and wanted him to stop following them, so they gave him something.. This boy was wearing a torn and faded tee shirt, which was obviously something given during festivals for promoting the place.. Cuz the slogan in his tee said 'I lost my heart in Vrindavan'. It seemed ironic..
There were cows around too, but no one seemed to notice them until one of them accidentally stepped onto the road disrupting traffic.. Yeah, I really lost my heart in Vrindavan!

We started our return journey, from Agra to Delhi soon after dusk. I really thought I'd lost my appetite for the night. But, our next stop was at a roadside Dhaba. There were rabbits, white ones, roaming around. They looked cute with white shining skin and red eyes. The Dhabawallas give them carrots and cucumber on a plate. After a hearty meal the rabbits seemed to disappear into the night.

Here, at the Dhaba, we were given a menu and we had no idea what to order. Every curry in Delhi seemed to have paneer in them. We were kind of tired after having paneer butter masala, paneer sabji, palak paneer etc and wanted to try out something different.
The Dhaba uncle suggested cheese pulao, baingan bharta, rotis, vegetable kofta, and yep, paneer!
Cheese pulao came in a big plate with a big slice of cheese on top. Every one around the table took a taste of this and wished me goodluck. None of them wanted a second helping.
For me, it tasted good..really good! Mixing the cheese and rice made a tasty combination. And, I finished off the big plate of pulao on my own. :P


Next day, our first stop was at Birla Mandir, followed by Jantar Mantar.
Jantar Mantar looked complicated. It showed off the architectural, and most importantly, astronomical skills of some of the great minds, that lived here long back.


We couldn't miss visiting the three places of importance in Delhi, Indira Gandhi Memorial, Rajghat and Red Fort. Visited Lotus Temple too..


A ride in Delhi Metro, after 10pm was new to me. Since back home, our Cochin metro is still in the making.

I slept well that night, knowing it was my last night in Delhi. The three day tour of Delhi was coming to an end (to and fro journey not included).


The next day, it was pack up and we checked out from our hotel.. We did have some hours to spare before our flight.
So, we decided on visiting Akshardham. This place is like a photographer's paradise. Sadly, no photograph was allowed inside. We just had to rely on our eyes and the brochures they gave us for remembering this beautiful place. (More about Akshardham).
As it is a temple, prasad is also available.


The last few hours we had left in Delhi, we spent shopping. Didn't waste a minute of it! :P
Delhi airport too offered a very large collection of different stuffs. I bought chocolates. :)

Inside Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi

And then, it was goodbye to Delhi...

Travelling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller - Ibn Battuta.

Travelling did leave me speechless!! That's why it took me almost one month to start writing on it. :)


Disclaimer: The content in this post is just an account from experience and any reference to objects, places, living/dead were not intended to hurt any regional or religious sentiments. If it did, kindly inform me. (E-mail)

That Sound.

That Sound.

She was doing her usual chores. She gave a quick glance to the grandfather clock hanging on the wall. It was about time her room-mate returned.


Aria and Ashley, those were their names.
Ash worked late, and Aria always waited up for Ash’s return. Well, mostly cuz she hated having dinner alone, and also, she liked hearing Ash narrate how her day went, how her boss threw those Monday morning and Friday evening tantrums, and how at the end of the day, they all, including the boss, parted ways, saying cheers to the weekend. She never got tired of these stories. She hated that she could not be a part of ABC, where Ash works, anymore.
She missed the good old days when she and Ash would run half a mile after their late night at work, to catch the bus. They would buy their dinner from the nearby hotdog stand, walk together towards their flat, talking about nothing in particular. Aria and Ash had just joined the company then.
As years went by, both got promoted, Aria earning slightly more than Ash.
They pitched in their incomes, bought a car, and a new, bigger flat. Aria used to drive, as Ash showed all interest in enjoying the view from the passenger seat, than the driver’s.

One Saturday night, exactly one year back, Aria had taken the car out. She was unsure of driving alone at that hour, since the roads around their flat were famous for drunk n drive accidents. She hoped for the best and went at a slow pace. Halfway through her drive, she heard the ambulance siren. It was a very common sound in that part of the city. She slowed down even more and gave space for the ambulance, both praying and hoping, whoever is inside might make it. Though she had huge respect for the driver, She despised That Sound of the ambulance.  For her, it meant a late cry for help. 

Back on the road, she took a shortcut. And knowing no one will be on the road at this hour, she pressed on the accelerator pedal and drove. 

The light hit her eyes first. She tried dimming, brightening, dimming her headlights to get a view of what was coming towards her. Or at least to send the message to the incoming light to slow down. She couldn't see anything. The light increased intensity with every second,  two seconds later, she could hear the screech of breaks and horn. She could do nothing. There was no space left for her to give side to the speeding vehicle. It was a one way track. Her legs shifted between the accelerator and the brakes. She stopped her car. And waited. All she heard was That Sound.

She opened her eyes and she kept hearing that sound. Now, she was the one in a speeding vehicle. She could see glasses and blood all around her arms and legs. She felt her senses leaving her again. But she was at peace. She trusted that sound now.

That accident left Aria with one leg short. She stopped going to work, instead worked on the documents Ash brought home for her. She missed the daily work chat, her workplace, the small coffee breaks, her computer, her small cubicle and even her red revolving chair. And lastly, her old car.
She often wondered who's fault it was. 
She never got to see what became of the speeding vehicle, or of the passengers, if there were any. She heard the doctors saying they could not reach the other driver in time. She did know that her own car gave the out of control speeding car leverage to stop. 

She heard the calling bell and was more than glad to come back to the present. It must be Ash. She made her way to the front door, unlocked, and opened the door. It wasn't Ash.


The man at the door had a good featured face, but with a permanent scar. He introduced himself as the passenger of the car that had hit hers. He saw her shocked stance, staggering and trying to balance with her one good leg, and apologised for her loss. And also for his uninvited and unexpected visit. He had been tracking and looking out to find the girl, because of whom he is still alive. She just stood speechless. 

Two years later, Ash helped Aria onto the drivers seat of their new car. Aria felt the steering wheels for the first time after her accident. At the passenger side sat her fiancée, the features and scar on his face, turning into an encouraging smile.


Several stories end with an accident, and several others start with one.

There's nothing much we can do about accidents. They happen when they happen. Though there are some rules we have to follow. These rules just might save a life.

  • Bikers! Wear a helmet guys!! Yeah, Its not cool wearing something on your head that damages the hair styling you took hours to get right. It could also lead to hair loss. But think again, hair can grow again, your brain n skull can't. Save your head man, cuz its worth it!

  •  Seat belts! They'l hold you back from the impact caused by collision or sudden brakes.

  • Texting?? While driving??? U must be outta your mind! Its like you are welcoming death saying, hey, come n get me! 

  • Now over to drinking and driving... Was that glass of beer/champagne/wine you'd sipped a little while back, while celebrating with your loved ones, really worth it? Did it really guarantee that you'l live longer to raise the glass again n say cheers??

The road is for everyone. The pedestrians, cyclists, the bikers, car drivers, auto drivers, truck n bus drivers, all of them!
Just like when you are in a library, you respect the librarian, the other readers and you don't talk loudly. The same way, respect the road, and you'l receive the same! 

Have a nice drive! :) Stay safe!

Picture courtesy: Google Images

You've got a friend in me :)

This is just my take on 'How friendship gets stronger over the years'. :P

When you meet someone, it takes some time till you get to know who he/she is, it takes time for him/her to get to know you too. For some, it might take just 1 day, for some, maybe 1 year. 
But once you do, then it's gonna stay forever! :)

When I first met my best friend in college, we had nothing much to talk about. We both liked the third bench of the first row, window seat, and that's where we started our never ending (I hope so :P ) friendship!
There's always a common link between people that make them drawn towards the other. In our case, it was books! :D Specifically, Dan Brown's Deception Point. One of us got the book from the library, the other had never read a Dan Brown book, so we decided to share. We had it hidden under our desk, and any free time we get, we'd read it together. And yeah, we finished it together, and we had the same opinion about the book. :)


 We used to talk very little the first few days of college,.. But now, well, the opposite!

An example, maybe? :P

Scene: First day of college. They've just met!

Person 1: Hey!
Person 2: Hi.

Person 1: So..guess we are stuck in this class till 12 o'clock. I heard that's when they are giving the announcement.

(In mind: Oh, please be a talker! Or else I've got to sit and sulk alone in this room.. I'll be stuck for good.)
Person 2: Oh.. okay! 

(Shoot! That was rude of me. 'Oh okay?' Like I don't know any other words! Damn.. And he was actually trying to make a conversation!)

Person 1: (In mind: Yeah, am stuck in a hot, mosquito filled room with a silencer <looks at neighbour>, and my phone's out of battery. Great!)

Person 2: (I should say something. But what? Maybe about how hot its in here.. Or about the damn mosquitoes.. Or maybe I'll wait for him to talk.)

Person 1: (C'mon Phone!! Don't die on me!! Not today, not now! Aargh! )

Person 2: Hey I didn't catch your name..? Am ____. From____. U'r from around here or staying in hostel?

(There! General topics. Now that ought to bring up a conversation. )

Person 1: (Finally!! Thank You God :P )

Am from around here. Got a bike. And yeah license too <smiles>. And you?

Person 2: Me too from around here. Though I ain't got a bike.

(I could get lifts from this guy! :D )

Few years later.... at their Graduation Ceremony. Back at the place where they had first met and chatted.

Person 1:  This is it, man! We'l be going our separate ways now. Sigh!

(I see the mosquitoes are still here :@ )

Person 2: Yeah man! Its kinda sad..
                Wow. Are they breeding mosquitoes in here!?

(Buzz..Buzz.. Yep! one down, lots more to go)

Person 1: Yeah! I was thinking the same! Lol.

(Buzz.. Buzz.. Smash! No! Smash again.. And.. Gotcha! RIP)

Person 2: Wow. I remember, the first time we were in this room. So long back. We didn't talk much then!

Person 1:  Yep. I did talk, You didn't. <smirks>

Person 2:  Well I did too, eventually. <Grins>

That conversation was too short, I know. The idea was just to show that when we meet anyone, we talk to ourselves more. We think so much, and then say the bare minimum. Maybe that's because they can judge who we are by what we say. And we don't wanna make a bad impression!

But after the first time, we don't really care what others think, we open up. They do too. That's how friendships are born. And believe me, they'l last longer than the case where you open up completely to a stranger, who you thought might make a good friend. That could turn to a grave mistake. 

There are friends who fight every single day and make up over a phone or message, or not talk at all. But still, they are always together. I really don't get this, but I've seen them doing that every single day!

There are others, who get along really well from the very first, but after some days, by just observing them, you can clearly see that its all an effort. There is no real rope that holds them together, its just a thin, transparent thread. 

Our parents might have made us believe, 'Don't talk to strangers' when we were kids, but as we grow older we'l realise that 'A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet'! And hey, you could be wrong too. That's life!

I've made a lot of friends over the years, of course, so have you. Some of them you'd want to forget, some of them you do forget unintentionally, some of them you can never forget. Its a whole new kind of happiness when you meet your old buddies <3. 
I recently got in touch with someone I knew (almost 10) years back. She was my best friend in school!! :)) 
Thanks to twitter, I found a profile with her name, and thanks to slideshare and facebook, she found me back :)
Thus, as if in a movie, which was paused 10years back, our friendship began again, unhindered by the 10 year gap. :) 

True friendship is effortless, enjoyable, there's mutual understanding. Its a blessing when you find true friends wherever you go! ^^

For all my friends, and for the one's I am yet to meet..

Hopefully, one day our sidewalks will meet! :)

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Don't let anything bring you down.

Happened to come across this video on YouTube.
Reminded me of a lot of things..

Living in the city, I've come across a lot of people, from young kids to really old men and women, who has set up their work area near the side-walks of city roads. Some sell fruits, like lemons and apple, while some make and sell fresh bhajis and fries during the early evening hours. There are some selling fish, while some selling vegetables. Those who couldn't find a spot for sale, carry their toys and small merchandise and try to sell them to the drivers of vehicles while they stop at the red traffic signal at city junctions. 
Am sympathetic, yet amused when I see septuagenarian's carrying the remains of their days work, which are, quite often two or more heavy bags, that they somehow balance using their arms, and head, and without even a single faulty step, go about their way. 

There are others, with disabilities, like in the above video.
They tend to give up on life, they find themselves losing everything. They long for those things that they had cherished not long back. They lose motivation. 

Then, for those patient enough to wait, an opportunity opens up. That's when they find out - the disability they hated so much could become useful. That's how the spark of life becomes bright again for them. And that's when they start to look forward for the rising sun, instead of the setting one. 

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Taste of Nostalgia - A Moving Aniboom Animation by Raymond Lau